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Matt Bottrill Performance Coaching Ltd offer bespoke service to Tour of Cambridgeshire riders - ToC Chrono Performance Review.

The session is often described as an all encompassing ‘eye opener’. For the coached athlete this provides peace of mind that their current training is appropriate for the event they are working towards, or not in some cases. And for the uncoached riders it is the perfect environment to get an insight into how coaching can help improve performance.

Find out how you can really prepare for the Tour of Cambridgeshire with video analysis of the Chrono and Gran Fondo course, with analysis and pacing strategies to ensure you ride the fastest time possible.

The Performance Review goes further than just coaching though! Position analysis, both biomechanically and aerodynamically, race indicators, training review and a 1 week taper plan for the final 7 days leading up to the event ensures you're totally ready for the event. Not only this but the general, race, personal and equipment Performance Indicators will also be reviewed.
Get race ready with an insight to where and how your performance is right now.

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