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Club Kermesse Registration – Useful Information


You will receive a confirmation email for your Membership.
At least one week from the Festival you will be emailed a VIP Parking voucher. You will need to print this off and display it in your car windscreen prior to your arrival at the Festival.
You will need to bring this email with you to gain access to the Club Kermesse lounge at the Festival. When you check in at the lounge you will receive a VIP wristband.

Required Data Information
1. The correct entry of your telephone numbers is critical. Telephone numbers MUST be entered in the International Format: country code e.g. +44 for UK followed by your number without the 0 at the front. There are no spaces in the international format. A typical UK mobile telephone number is 07780 761999. In international format it becomes +447780761999

2. A unique email address is required for each entrant to assure that each entrant receives subsequent emailed event information such as rider number and logistics briefing. The platform will not allow the same email address to be used for different entrants. The same email address can be used to register an entrant for different races.

4. Group bookings are to be made by direct application through or

5. A Transaction fee will be added to your basket per entry.

6. Please ensure that your email settings do not reject email from or or send it to SPAM.

7. Entrants in the RACE community will need to present a valid full race license when the Race Pack is collected at the event.

Click below to confirm that you have read the information above and proceed to the registration platform:

Tour of Cambridgeshire
Club Kermesse

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You will receive emails with information about the Festival and Events; unsubscribing from these emails will prevent you from receiving event information.