Gravel Enduro Relay ‘828’

Fri 1st June 2018

The Peterborough Arena and Showground (PAS), PE2 6HE

elevation / total climb Total Climb:
Closed Roads Cycling Closed Circuit:
Traffic Free cycling. 4Mile laps
location Participants:
200 Teams of 4
location Start Time:
20.00hrs on Fri 1st June 2018
location Finish Time:
08.00hrs on Sat 2nd June 2018
location Location:
Peterborough Arena, PE2 6HE
location Distance:
As far as possible in 12hours

828_Grvel_Enduro_LogoIndoor Start and Transition area.  The circuit is approx. 4miles long and partially lit.  The winning team in each classification is that team which rides the most complete laps in the 12hours.  Teams will ride for 12hrs and then complete the lap they are on.  If it is a close finish then time differences across the line on the final complete lap will come into play. Electronic timing will be used and check mats on the route.

The event classifications are:

  • Men
  • Women
  • Mixed (at least one male and one female)
  • Charity
  • Corporate

The surfaces on the circuit are mixed with some tarmac, concrete, gravel, and a little grass.   The  lap also passes though some old buildings!  Gravel or X  bikes are recommended.  City hybrid bikes will also be fine but make sure your tyres are in good condition.

Mechanical and medical support services will be on hand to help out if needed.

Entries open 1st December


Gravel Enduro 828.

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