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ToA Chrono Registration - Useful Information

Please read the information below before clicking the Proceed button:

1. The correct entry of your telephone numbers is critical. Telephone numbers MUST be entered in the International Format: country code e.g. +44 for UK followed by your number without the 0 at the front. There are no spaces in the international format. A typical UK mobile telephone number is 07780 761999. In international format it becomes +447780761999

2. A unique email address is required for each entrant to assure that each entrant receives subsequent emailed festival information. The platform will not allow the same email address to be used for different entrants. The same email address can be used to register an entrant for different events within a festival.

3. Group bookings are to be made by direct application through

4. A Transaction fee of £2.00 will be added to your basket per entry.

5. Please ensure that your email settings do not reject email from or send it to SPAM.

6. Parking Charges will be applied for official parking.  See Tour of Ayrshire website for details of prices.

8. Please note that entries are not refunded or transferable under any circumstances.  

9. Entry Prices escalate as the festival gets closer. Please see the Tour of Ayrshire website for prices.

10. Minimum Ages apply. Please check the ToA Race Book on the relevant festival website for details.

Click below to confirm that you have read the information above and proceed to the registration platform:

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You will receive emails from time to time with information about the festival and its events.  Please do not unsubscribe as this will prevent you from receiving the final information for your event prior to the festival

Also we will be adding further event information to the Golazo Cycling website over the next few weeks