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Team Chrono

Team Chrono

Team Chrono is a team time trial for teams of four riders.  Teams are set off a start ramp at 60 second intervals.  There are four classifications within a Team Chrono – Male, Female, Mixed and Corporate teams.  The Mixed team is to contain at least one member from the opposite sex.  The time is taken on the third rider to cross the line.  The three riders to count in the results for the Mixed teams must contain at least one member of each sex.  The participants in the Team Chrono are obliged to ride conventional road bikes and wear conventional road style safety helmets.

The Team Chrono contains a highly produced ‘Chrono Warm Up’ area with a substantial number of Turbos. The professional mechanics set your bikes up on the Turbos and take them off for your start. Clocks are available to inform riders warming up of the time in readiness for their start.

The Team Chrono will be organised to provide the maximum possible recovery time for team members who also compete in the individual Chrono.

Team Chrono Cycling Events:

location Tour of Cambridgeshire Festival
1st to 3rd June 2018

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