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Cyclo Sportive

Cyclo Sportive

Cyclo Sportive is typically a timed ride on OPEN roads following a pre-designated route with directional signage. The riders are unsupported other than the provision of pit stops for refreshments and first aid. Riders are typically set off in waves of 20 to 30 participants in the UK (overseas events typically allow 100s to start simultaneously). The riders are obliged to follow the Highway Code at all times. There are typically a choice of distances of route for riders to undertake.

At Golazo Cycling Festivals the Cyclo Sportive is NOT timed and is not competitive. The Cyclo Sportive benefits from the same level of support that the Gran Fondo receives . The Cyclo Sportive event is aimed at those riders from charities and groups looking to enjoy the benefits of an inclusive ride on closed roads. The only condition imposed for the use of closed roads is that a riders maintain a minimum average speed.

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