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The Tour Classic is a timed event held on closed roads specifically for participants riding classic sports bikes which conform to certain criteria.  The Tour Classic has its own highly produced start gate and takes place over the Medio Fondo route at a Golazo Cycling Festival.  The criteria for the Classic Bike eligibility are set out below:

  • Vintage steel-framed road racing bicycles built before 1987 or Vintage style road race bikes. Cyclo-cross, Roadsters, Mountain Bike and Time Trial machines are not permitted.
  • More recent 'retro' steel frames may be eligible, provided they are of 'classic' design and fitted with pre-1987 equipment or similar replica parts.
  • The only aluminium bikes permitted are ALAN and VITUS style frames of the correct period, having either screwed or glued lugs.
  • Only friction, ’non-indexed’ gears may be used, with either down tube levers or pre 1980 bar-end shifters.
  • Pedals should ideally be of period design, ideally with toe clips and straps.
  • Gear and brake cables may run within the frame but must run outside of both the handlebars and the handlebar tape.
  • Both tubular tyres and clinchers with tubes are permitted.
  • Mindful of the difficulty of the route, riders are allowed wider gear ratios than those originally fitted.
  • Cyclists who have a disability and would like exemptions to these criteria should contact the organisers in advance.

Scrutineers may check riders and their bikes for conformity to the above classic bike rules. Please note this is not a bike safety check. It is the riders responsibility to ensure that their bike is in a road worthy condition and does not pose a risk to themselves or other riders.

As the Tour Classic is a race, riders are required to wear cycling helmets manufactured to current recognised safety standards. Tour Classic is a race, on closed roads, within the Gran Fondo with a podium for the first three male and first the female riders to cross the line.

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Classic Bike Tour - Simpson Flandres 1961

Photo by John Pierce: Simpson - Flandres 1961

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