Anyone staying locally for ToC and looking for somewhere to eat and drink we’d like to suggest two locations.

The first is in Folksworth.  We block in the whole of Folksworth for the day on the Saturday as the Chrono passes through the village.  The Fox at Folksworth is a new gastro pub who have been very supportive of ToC.  If you are looking for somewhere to eat locally then we’d encourage you to look at the Fox.


Closer to the Event HQ is the Windmill Tavern in Orton Waterville.  This pub has great pub food with a nicely balanced quality cost ratio.  Much of the planning for ToC happens in here so we’d encourage you to visit if it is good pub food that you are after.


ToC Team

ToC Gran Fondo Directions into Start Gates



All directions from the exit from the EXPO in the Arena out onto the Plaza facing north.

RACE – head towards to the near side of the Speedway track where you will pick up RACE signs directing you towards the perimeter of the site.  You should see the Gran Fondo Start gantry as you approach.  Pass through the open gate, turn left and enter your age group pen from the rear.  Each Age Group Pen is sign posted.  Where age / gender group pens are combined, this is specifically signed.

SPORT START GATE – please self-select the Speed Pen you feel most comfortable to ride in.

SPORT 21mph+ – turn left across the Plaza keeping the side of the Arena on your left.   You will pick up signs for SPORT 21mph.  This start gate will fill from the back from 11.30hrs.

SPORT 18mph, 16mph,14mph and 12+mph – head towards the far side of the Speedway track where you will pick up signs for SPORT 18-16-14-12+ directing you towards the perimeter of the site.  You should see the Gran Fondo Start gantry as you approach.  Just beyond the Speedway track you should see an arrangement of barriers which are labelled for the different estimated speeds.  Enter the speed pen of your choice.  These SPORT pens will open at 11.40hrs.

TOUR CLASSIC and MEDIO FONDO – head directly towards the Tour Classic start gantry.  On approach to the gantry look for the signage directing you in to the Medio Fondo Start Gate or the Tour Classic Start gate.  The Tour Classic start gate is closest to the gantry.  Tour Classic and Medio Fondo Start Gates open at 12.00hrs

Stewards will be on hand to guide you in the right direction.

Final Few Entries

A number of entries have been returned to us by a charity partner.  The Race Packs had already been ordered as spares to accommodate the charity.  These are available via the registration platform on a first come first served basis.  The entries are available for:

Gran Fondo Sport 16 mph

Gran Fondo Sport 14 mph

The Tour Classic,  Medio Fondo and Family Fondo registration platforms remain open as these are not involved in the UCI Gran Fondo World Series start gates.



Medical Certificates to Compete in France

Please note that anyone competing in Albi (Chrono or Road Race) will have to present a medical certificate along with their license upon collection of their Race Pack.  Most other European Countries, other than the UK, require a medical certificate as part of their Race License application.  The British Cycling license itself is insufficient for those of us who intend to race in Albi.  We’ll also have to have a medical certificate.  To assist you in ensuring that the medical certificate has the correct scope the organisers in Albi have supplied us with the template for what is acceptable for presentation to collect your Race Pack in France.  Click HERE




Tour of Cambridgeshire Start Sheets

The Tour of Cambridgeshire Gran Fondo, Medio Fondo, Tour Classic and ENDURA Chrono start sheets as of midnight on 14th May are available below.  Please click on the relevant event:

Gran Fondo RACE 

Gran Fondo SPORT

Medio Fondo

Tour Classic


ENDURA  Team Chrono

Entries are still being taken for some SPORT start pens, Medio Fondo and Tour Classic.  The RACE gate is full and has been for some while.


The start structure of the ToC Gran Fondo was changed in late 2016 from






SPORT 21mph+

SPORT 18mph

SPORT 16mph

SPORT 14mph

SPORT 12mph

The idea was to segment the field to improve rider experience in the non-RACE gates.  Anyone who had entered SPORT before the change has been allocated to the SPORT 21mph+ pen and those who entered CHALLENGE have been allocated to the SPORT 12mph pen for the purpose of registration.  The Leisure Community start has had a name change to Medio Fondo.

On the day, for the 2017 edition of the ToC Gran Fondo only, riders in SPORT will be invited to enter the speed pen they feel most comfortable about starting in.

Final Information for all riders will be emailed out by 26th May.

Activate Third Party Liability Insurance

All entrants to the ToC Gran Fondo and Chrono will be covered by third party liability insurance provided by the organisers through its insurance partner Cycleplan.  This insurance covers riders for:

  • £1m Public Liability
  • £10,000 Personal Accident*
  • Competitive Use

*Please read cover statement

This insurance is not an insurance for your cycling equipment.  If you wish to insure your cycling equipment Cycleplan offer a comprehensive range of insurance products to cover your needs.

You will need to activate your insurance prior to the event.

The link to activate the free 2 day event insurance click HERE


Five for Five: Five free places at the Tour of Ayrshire 2018 for Five minutes of your time!


East Ayrshire Council, our partners in delivery of the Tour of Ayrshire would very much welcome your feedback regarding your visit to their area for the Tour of Ayrshire and have created a five minute survey.  This is to help them gauge the economic benefits of hosting the Tour of Ayrshire.  All completed survey’s will be entered into a prize draw to win one of 5 free entries at next year’s Gran Fondo or Chrono.  Please take the time to help them by completing the survey online before 31st May – visit: