ERDINGER Alkoholfrei Sponsor ToC 2018

Following the enormous success of 2017 ERDINGER Alkoholfrei are thrilled to be partnering with UCI Gran Fondo once again in 2018.  This refreshing isotonic drink is scientifically proven to aid recovery after exercise and is brewed under the strict German Purity Law of 1516 in the Bavarian town of Erding.  It uses only 4 of the highest quality, natural ingredients, which produces refreshment that is low in calories and has the perfect balance of minerals and B-vitamins.  It is also free from fat, cholesterol, chemicals and preservatives and low in sodium, making it the ideal nutrition partner for the UCI Gran Fondo.

Each and every rider will receive a cold isotonic glass of ERDINGER Alkoholfrei as they cross the finish.  Giving everyone the chance to celebrate their achievement of completing this iconic event and ensuring their body is receiving the correct balance of nutrients for it to recover and refuel, ready for the next cycling challenge.

Events Director, Pete Gowans, from ERDINGER Alkoholfrei said “Having experienced the buzz around closed road Gran Fondo racing last year, we are absolutely delighted to be part of the TOC again in 2018.  The range of events across the weekend is vast, offering something for every level of rider, from elite to leisure and we look forward to providing everyone with a refreshing glass of Erdinger Alkoholfrei at the finish line.”

Bottles of ERDINGER Alkoholfrei can be purchased from the majority of supermarkets, Tesco, Sainsburys, Waitrose and Morrisons.  The 500ml cans are available online at  If you would like to learn more about the health benefits then head to the website:


We Can’t Have ToC Without Our Tour Makers!

We’re always looking for volunteers who are interested in being part of our Golazo Cycling team and helping at our events.

There are many benefits to being ‘one of us’ for the day, including an event tee shirt, fun and laughs throughout the day, after event get together and we also give you the chance to have a voucher up to £50.00 in value or for us to donate the same sum to your chosen charity.

If you’d like to be involved in one of our events by being one of the Golazo Volunteers, register your details HERE and we’ll contact you as soon as any new events or jobs have been added so you can be part of the team. If you have any questions, email us at

ToC Announces A Brand New Endurance Event For 2018

We’re adding an endurance challenge at the Tour of Cambridgeshire to get your teeth into and train for.

828 Gravel Enduro is a 12 hour relay race, which is completed on a 4 mile mixed terrain circuit. The winning team in each classification is the one that rides the most laps over the duration of the event. With an indoor start and transition area, we’ll have the music pumping to ensure there’s a party feel throughout.  Teams will ride for 12hrs and then complete the lap they are on.  If it is a close finish then time differences across the line on the final complete lap will come into play. Electronic timing will be used and check mats on the route.

There are five classifications available to enter, each with an individual podium presentation. The classifications include:
• Male
• Female
• Mixed
• Corporate
• Charity

The surfaces on the circuit are mixed with some tarmac, concrete, gravel, and a little grass.   The  lap also passes though some old buildings!  Gravel or X  bikes are recommended.  City hybrid bikes will also be fine but make sure your tyres are in good condition. Mechanical and medical support services will also be on hand to help out if needed.

For more information, visit Don’t forget, the date for your diary is 1st December for the opening of entries.

ToC Race Gates Restriction

In anticipation of putting in a bid for the World Championships in the UK, we are restricting the number of places in the Race Gate age groups for the Tour of Cambridgeshire 2018 Gran Fondo.

With this in mind, we really recommend that you book in soon if you wish to be in the Race Gate.  As it stands, Men 50-54 age group is very nearly full to capacity!

Book your place at before your age group is fully booked.

A Performance Improvement Opportunity…

We all know that performance cycling is hard and not always likely to give us back the results we expect from our inputs.  Those people fortunate enough to have a coach to assist them in their training have significant advantage in building form at the right time than those who don’t.

Despair not my coachless friends…

Those riders who do not have a coach either out of choice to self-train or because it seems like step too much on the road to obsession could benefit from a session I recently undertook with Matt Bottrill and George Fox at MBPC.  The session is called Performance Analysis and is designed, in one ‘cost effective’ hit to provide insight into a rider’s own performance characteristics and suggests a range of positive adjustments against specific indicators of cycling performance, whatever your cycling goals.  I liked this session a lot and realised a range on benefits:

Insight to training peaks

We looked at my data in training peaks.  I have been using TP as a vehicle for data capture rather than as a predictive tool for a long while.  The Performance Management Chart (PMC) which trends your inputs and forecasts ‘Form’ is incredibly useful I discovered.  If you are coached, then I am sure it would be the key focus of conversation between coach and coachee.  I won’t share my own paltry numbers, but I do now have a level of knowledge to appreciate what the numbers are telling me.

Insight into my Strength Weaknesses

A further insight from my data in TP suggested certain deficiencies in my overall riding strengths for which remedial training sessions were suggested.

Bike Position

My principal focus over the years has been road racing and I have dabbled in the TT, mainly UCI time trials.  Since I move up an age group in masters racing in 2018 my ambition will be more focussed at the TT as my natural racing weight and size will be troublesome in Varese in the RR.  I have done an AeroCoach session at Newport which was very useful but since I have changed bikes and kit since the session I should really repeat it and then repeat again to see how my Coefficient of Drag is progressing (lower numbers are better tan big ones!).  This becomes very expensive and inconvenient although Xavier and his team are now also operating out of Derby velodrome I believe.

Matt and George worked with me on my TT set up in their lab and using their experience guided me towards a position which looks slippery but most importantly should be sustainable, with some practice using some of the suggested training sessions, for a good 30-40mins.

Bike and Kit

In the session we also looked and my bike and kit.  I was on a new Giant Trinity so that dealt with the bike frame.  The conversation did then head towards the limitations of drive train friction and clothing whereby skinsuits were discussed to exhaustion and the conclusion being that the top Endura and NoPinz products deliver slipperiness in spades.  Most irritating though was the conversation about my helmet.  I had thrown big money at helmets in recent years with a Kask Bambino and and S Works TT.  The evening before my assessment I went to the Peterborough CC bike jumble evening.  One of my items for sale was an old Bell Javelin. I couldn’t give it away!  Like most other riders I met on the night the latest Giro and Specialized were perceived to be the the holy grail of aero hats.   Unfortunately for me, as in photos taken at the session with Matt and George, my S Works looked terribly non-aero compared with Matt’s Javelin.  My S Works TT (M-L) is now for sale!

There was only one dubious recommendation in the session and that is the use of long socks (knee length!).  Not because of the cited aero benefits but because of the compromised aesthetics they deliver.  My main aims are around UCI events and long socks are not approved items for these competitions.  Phew, a potential indignity on the style front dodged!

 The other performance indicators….

The scope of the analysis also takes in sleep, strength and conditioning and race preparation.


In short the Performance Analysis provided me with new insights and areas for improvement which are very useful for shaping training through the winter for next season.  I’d say that it is particularly useful for those riders who are self-coached and could easily miss essential ingredients in their preparation or require a little more focus and those who are just setting out in performance cycling and see the step to appointing a coach, at this point, as a step too much.


New Sponsor for the TTT Classic

We are very pleased to announced that our new sponsor for the Classic Team Time Trial classification is Vintage Velo.

Vintage Velo is a retailer for not only beautiful classic bikes, but clothing, accessories and parts. The company also produces the VV Classics range of cycling apparel which includes authentic Merino wool jerseys and shorts in classic designs along with traditional style leather cycling shoes.

Kevin Stone from Vintage Velo said “I am excited and looking forward to being involved in the Tour of Cambridgeshire Festival and sponsoring the TTT Classic, it has all the ingredients required to make it a must go event for vintage bike enthusiasts like me!”

With many years experience and a passion for steel cycles, we’re very much looking forward to having Vintage Velo alongside us at ToC 2018.

The Classic classification in the TTT is brand new for the Tour of Cambridgeshire 2018, where riders are given the chance to ride their pre-1987 classic bike around the closed road Chrono route. But, not only that, you also get to ride it in a team of four starting at the top of the Chrono start ramp, racing for the top spots on the podium.

The Team Time Trial is being held on Saturday 2nd June 2018 at the Tour of Cambridgeshire Festival. Entries are open for the TTT, with places are very limited. Enter or for more information, click HERE.

Aero TTT Classification

We had several enquiries prior to ToC 2017 with regards to the Team Time Trial rules and being obliged to ride a conventional road bike, with several people being quite disappointed.

We’d really like to add an Aero classification at the Tour of Cambridgeshire 2018 festival but we need to confirm teams are interested before adding this to the timetable of events.

If you’d like to put a team in to compete for the Aero TTT podium places, please email us and show your interest at by Wednesday 25th October.

New Classic TTT Classification For 2018

The ToC Team Time Trial is open for entries on 1st November but we’d really like to add a new classification – Classic Bikes – but we need to confirm the number of potential teams who would like to be on that Time Trial start ramp.

You don’t have to have any experience of time trialling, just the desire to be part of a team riding your much loved classic bike.

The Classic Bike classification would be open to teams of 4 and you must be riding a pre-1987 road bike. Other rules regarding the Classic Bike discipline can be found HERE.

If you are interested in entering a team for the TTT Classic Bikes, please email us at by Wednesday 25th October.

ToC Team Chrono 2018 – Entries Open 1st Nov 2017


Following the success of the inaugural Team Chrono at the Tour of Cambridgeshire in 2017 entries for the 2018 edition will open on 1st November.

The format will be the same:

  • Takes place following the individual Chrono (we’ll leave a longer recovery period in 2018)
  • Same full closed road route as  the individual race
  • Indoor start ramp
  • Serviced warm up area with turbos –  Rutland Cycling will be delivering this for us again

Four (maybe six) classifications:

  • Men
  • Women
  • Mixed
  • Corporate / Charity


In 2017 we mandated road bikes only and standard road helmets.  We received around 20 requests for a men’s Aero classification.  We will consider an Aero classification for 2018 if there are enough interested parties.  If you would like us to add an Aero classification to the Team Chrono then we will look into this option.  Please drop our enquiries line an expression of your interest

As in 2017 when entering you will need to just provide the Team Leader details along with the team name and the classification entered.  You complete a team registration form at the festival.

Finally following the success of a classic bikes team in 2017 we are also thinking about a Tour Classic classification in the Team Chrono in 2018.

Entries open on 1st November 2017.

Enter at

ToC Chrono 2018 Final Places

The remainder of the places for the ToC Chrono will go on sale at 07.00hrs on Sunday 1st October 2017.

The event in 2018 will take on the same route enjoyed for the 2017 edition with an indoor start in the East of England Area amongst the Cambridgeshire Bike Show exhibitors.  The Rutland Cycling warm up area will once again established next to the start ramp with 60 serviced turbos.

The Cambridgeshire Bike Show will be an altogether larger affair in 2018 as this is an area of focus for us to develop.  We have had a good response from a host of major brands which we will be announcing early in the new year.

Entries for the ToC Chrono will be via the Tour of Cambridgeshire website.

The Team Chrono entries will open on 1st November.



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