Matt Bottrill announced as the Golazo Cycling Chrono Performance Partner

Matt Bottrill Performance Coaching has been appointed as the Chrono Performance Partner for Golazo Cycling festivals. Matt has been a supporter of the Tour of Cambridgeshire since its inception back in 2015 and went on to finish second in the Worlds in Denmark the same year. Matt recognises the potential of closed road time trials for individuals and teams and welcomes the addition of the Tour of Ayrshire to the portfolio of closed roads events for the time trial community and is planning on riding ToC again this year. Matt observes that ‘these events carry prestige for their high-quality production as well as their status as qualifiers for the ‘worlds’’.
In preparation for the Golazo Cycling festivals this year Matt Bottrill Performance Coaching is offering a three-month targeted training programme specifically for entrants to the Tour of Ayrshire and the Tour of Cambridgeshire Chrono and Team Chrono. Click here to find out more:



Name Change to the Leisure Community at ToC

The Leisure Community at the Tour of Cambridgeshire is now called the Tour of Cambridgeshire Medio Fondo. Having received feedback from riders in the Leisure Community at ToC and wanting to develop a recognised branding around the whole festival and Golazo Cycling festivals going forward we have decided to refer to our shorter closed road rides at our festivals as Medio Fondo. Please note that communications to the Leisure Community rider going forward for 2017 ToC, will be Medio Fondo (formerly Leisure). The nature of the event at the Tour of Cambridgeshire festival will not change.

Tour of Cambridgeshire Routes Confirmed

Over the next week all of the businesses’ and residents along the routes of the Tour of Cambridgeshire Chrono and Gran Fondo will receive a leaflet informing them of the dates of the 2017 festival and directing them towards the Tour of Cambridgeshire website to identify how the roads closures will affect them over the weekend.
Chrono Route – Saturday 3rd June
The Chrono route reverts back to its year one origins and will start in the Arena amongst the EXPO and will trace its route out onto the closed roads now known to define the ToC Chrono route. The roads will be closed from 09.00hrs until 20.00hrs for the Saturday to accommodate the 850 individual testers and 100 teams we have rolling off the start ramp.
Gran Fondo Route – Sunday 4th June
The Gran Fondo route is divided into sectors each of which has a closing time and a re-opening time. These are available for the public to view and to use to plan their business. Regular riders in the Gran Fondo will notice a few minor variations to the route.

Both routes, along with the Medio Fondo (formerly called the Leisure Community) and Tour Classic routes have been published as Draft routes for a few weeks on the website, these are now actual confirmed routes.

Erdinger announced as Official Recovery Drink Partner for Golazo Cycling Festivals.

Recovery Drink
Recovery Drink

Golazo Cycling are proud to announce a partnership with Erdinger Alkoholfrei as the recovery drink of choice at our cycling festivals for 2017. Erdinger have been sponsoring endurance events for 15 years on the continent. In 2013 Erdinger started to sponsor triathlon events in the UK and due to the exceptional feedback from participants are this year for the first time sponsoring cycling events. Tom Caldwell from Golazo Cycling commented “ I am really pleased that we are able to bring Erdinger recovery drinks to our events. They have a really innovative approach which I think our riders will enjoy after a hard day in the saddle”.

All  riders of our events will receive a free drink on completion of their ride at the Tour of Cambridgeshire and the Tour of Ayrshire.

Erdinger Alkoholfrei is a naturally brewed isotonic recovery drink. Brewed under strict Bavarian Purity Law it only has 4 ingredients – wheat, hops, water and yeast.  It is mineral rich and also contains all B-vitamins, ensuring energy is slowly released into the body.  Free from fat and cholesterol it is also low in sodium.  At 0.5% alcohol volume, per 100ml and only 25 calories, it is the perfect way to recover and refuel after any form of exercise.

The drink can be found in 500ml bottles at most major supermarkets and purchased on line in 500ml cans at more details can be found at


Festival Team Village

Golazo Cycling are introducing a Festival Team Village at festivals in 2017.  This is a fenced in area for clubs, teams, companies, charities and groups to set up their gazebos, shelters and flags within the heart of the festival HQ.  A security guard will control the entrance and exit to the Festival Team Village.

The Festival Team Village will be set out on a grass or hard standing area (depending upon the weather) with plots of 6mx12m.  An external fence will be erected around the Festival with some internal fencing alongside each plot for bikes to be rested.  A security guard will be posted on the entrance into the Festival Village and everyone entering and leaving the village will need to show a Festival Village wristband.

The costs of the Festival village are £15 per plot and £1 per wristband.  Places in the Festival Village can be reserved by writing to and payment for the place in the Festival Village will be in cash at the Festival when wristbands can be collected.  When reserving your place please state how many plots are required and approximately how many wristbands you will need.

If you have any questions please check out the FAQs on the festival website or write to

A race for pre 1987 bikes, the Tour Classic will debut at the Tour of Ayrshire.

A world first will happen in Ayrshire on April 30th when a closed road, race, for participants on pre 1987 bikes will come under starters orders.  The event is the Tour Classic and it is a response to demand from the classic sports bikes enthusiasts who want to enjoy a more competitive ride on their golden era machines.  Golazo Cycling the organisers of the Tour of Ayrshire and the Tour of Cambridgeshire conceived the idea, having discussed a number of options with the classic sports bikes community.  The Tour Classic is a timed event on fully closed roads and will be run at both Golazo festivals this season.  The event will be unique in that for those who want to be competitive and race can be competitive and race and those who wish to get their pre 1987 machines out and give them a solid outing on closed roads can do so as well.  The Tour Classic will be run over the Medio Fondo course at both festivals.  Bikes will be scrutineered to the recognised Classic bike rules and the only concession demanded by the organisers is that a modern safety helmet is worn from the moment the rider crosses the line to start the event.

Details of the routes and entry information can be found at

Travel to the UCI Gran Fondo World Championships in Albi

A travel operator has been appointed to the UCI Gran Fondo World Championships to organise getting riders and their machines to and from the Worlds in Albi, arranging accommodation and local support.  A range of packages to suit different requirements is available.  The operator is Sports Tours International

We know there is huge interest in the Worlds this year as it is now back on European soil, hence we have had to close the Race Gate at the Tour of Cambridgeshire it being full.  There are still Race Gate places left in the age groups at the Tour of Ayrshire.  In any event, if anyone is confident of qualification and intends to travel with an operator then contact Sports Tours International to book your place with Team GB Masters.

Pre-Registration at Tour of Ayrshire Team Chrono to open on Monday

Following a great deal of interest in Scotland for a closed road four up team trial Golazo Cycling has decided that it will promote an event at the Tour of Ayrshire on April 29th.  In the interest of participant teams and the organisers however, it has been decided to confirm real interest before any financial commitments are made and interested clubs, teams and corporates will be invited to pre-register for 100 available places from Monday.